12/30 MHKR Test Server Patch Notes translated by Ainama, Lynn released along with new character changes. Click the banner to view the post.
Lynn's Teaser Trailer uploaded by lagerowonder/AFKalmighty. Click the banner to watch the video on Youtube.
Lynn's concept art has been revealed. Click the banner to view the post.
Lynn's back story has been posted on the Winter Update website. Thanks to AFKalmighty from the worldwidegamewatchers blog for translating. Click the banner to view the posts.
The Vindictus Snobs Media Portal now has pictures and stats of the S2EP4 equipment. It's updated whenever I can find new pics on the Inven website. Recipes have yet to be added. Click the banner to go to the VSnobs Media Portal.

MHKR: Vella’s Phoenix Wings with Nighthawk Twin Chainblades Pics from Inven

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