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MHKR Developer Notes: Executioner Pantheum Raid Google Translation

Google Translation Link & Original Devs Note Link

Hello Come and see you after a long time. Dragon Warrior.

This time, I can introduce an extra episode raid combat.

Have prepared for those who finish the twilight of the desert, the fun that can raid.

Executioner with a powerful Pantheon move.

I’ll explain this extra episode to the key Pantheon Help and Battle of.

An exciting battle with flame and lightning

Flames or lightning depending on the circumstances, be told briefly the features of this raid, taking advantage of the two forces, and the battle is the general state of the Pantheon Umm the Pantheon Umm transformation attacks.


(Transformed into a flame and lightning move Pantheon) 

Varies the way of the attack and capture of the Pantheon Umm the existing raid battle and the battle to save the other features that take full advantage of the ‘transformation’ of the Pantheon Umm implementation in two different states,aiming to design.

Battle of fire and lightning, the two forces by the Pantheon Umm transformation, and

The attack pattern will change with the appearance.

Simple targeting mode according to the status of ‘transformation’ Umm the way targeting elicit Battle of glass, depending on the state of the Pantheon Umm, exist differently, and 
players judge, depending on the situation and work together to make the battle 
Pantheon was ’ll explain.

Pantheon of the state fire move

A huge magical fire to transform the floor into the camp, carrying the flame, powerful flame attack Umm Pantheon is the 
player to escape from the Pantheon of the state fire and Umm Fireball fired Pantheon Umm.  


(Move the Pantheon to attack the state fire)

In addition, avoid Meteor attack occurs occasionally lift and jump into the fire circle, 
jump over the flame should proceed the Pantheon Help battle.


(Circle of flame conditions)

Umm lightning, the state of the Pantheon

Became translucent appearance of lightning, the Pantheon Umm becomes invincible. 
Range of magical use press to move around the monument near the four players must be active and 
Stadium Pantheon has become invulnerable to the power of lightning to engage only in the range of.


(The invincible Lightning Pantheon move)

Once activated, the monument because it can not be used for a certain amount of time. 
You should be in time for the battle is like catnip to the Pantheon, go to another one. Umm.


Activated in Lightning (monument)

In addition to the changes in attack patterns ‘transformation’, instead of being improved damage, such as weakening defense 
Players to take advantage of the transformation to change a lot of aspects of the battle.

Future’ll try to be more fun and honors that do not meet your expectations. 
Hope you enjoy Raid Battle of extra episodes will be produced in the future episode 3 please expect much.

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